So Good, So Green.

Feel good about your morning beverage!

Single Origin






You buy coffee and we plants trees (plus other stuff)!

We take pride in the quality of our product and the steps we take to minimize its ecological impact.


Approximately 40 gallons of water goes into making one cup of black coffee. We do everything we can to limit coffee’s water footprint. We choose only naturally dried beans over the washed method, saving substantial quantities of water and eliminating a significant amount of toxic wastewater.


One disposable cup per day, per person, creates 23 pounds of waste per year. We provide compostable bags and encourage reusable cups and bags to limit waste in landfills.


Helping our customers offset their carbon footprint by planting a tree through Oxfam America for every pound of coffee bought. Limiting waste from seed to cup by sourcing naturally washed beans, using solar electricity, composting all materials, and striving to be a zero-waste coffee roasting company.

Why Organic?

Non organic coffee is the most chemically treated food crop in the world and the third most sprayed agriculture crop after cotton and tobacco.

Why Fair Trade?

Coffee farmers in developing countries make an average income of $80 per month. Life expectancy is reduced by half that of their neighbors, and children can make up a significant portion of the workforce. Fair Trade USA is focused on the welfare of the workers and is only available for small democratically-operated cooperatives. Each co-op receives a minimum payment for their coffee.

Why Rainforest Alliance?

37 of the 50 countries in the world with the highest deforestation rates are also major coffee producers. Rainforest Alliance ensures their sustainability standards are met and deforestation has been prevented.

2016 Goals



9.5 tons

Carbon Sequestered

21,000 gallons


1,000 lbs

Less Landfill Waste

News & Events

  • Durham Farmer’s Market

    8am-12pm: WE’RE BACK!! Oh and how we’ve missed you. Come and get some coffee from Durham Farmer’s Market. For each pound of coffee you buy we plant a tree and you get $2 off any drink of your choosing! Use the pass-phrase “Home is Durham” to get free espresso ice cubes in your iced coffee.

  • Durham Farmer’s Market

    8am-12pm: Our Saturday routine is back to normal – come and get some coffee from us at the Durham Farmer’s Market. For each pound of coffee you buy we plant a tree and you get $2 off any drink of your choosing!